Wanting to keep my goal of an entry each day, combined with a long day of productivity, I am going to just talk about a recurring dream that I have had for the last several years. I am not big on dream interpretation, but when you have dream so often and so vivid, you tend to want to analyze it. Also, don’t you hate when people tell you their dreams…like you care! I am doing it anyway.

In this dream, I am always in either a familiar house or a place I have stayed on vacation. Always. My mood is pure panic and I can not pack my stuff quickly enough to get out of the house or hotel or condo, which I feel is a life or death situation although nothing alarming is happening. I just have to get out. Must. Get. Out. (shockingly easy to analyze) Every dream has either my entire family or certain members of my family. Never friends. And, I am always pleading with them to help me gather my things. They ignore me or they argue with me about being needy. (even more easily analyzed) I do not ever get my stuff or myself out in time. The dream almost always ends in crying, sometimes screaming and crying. No one ever helps me. I never get out. And, when I wake up, I can feel the exhaustion. The constant packing and begging for help. (yeah, again, easy)

This dream is simple; I have problems, with literal and emotional baggage, that are keeping me from moving forward in my life. My family is like all families, so there is typical strife and I feel like they are present, but not available to me.

I am wondering if now that I have written about this dream and what I feel I know about it, if it will come less often or change. Maybe I will make it out of the place and be independent. One can dream, right?


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