An open letter to Mothers

Let me preface this entry with the fact that I am childless by choice, and in that, I do realize I have “little room to talk” about being a Mom. I fully accept that and this letter is to Mothers from a non-Mother that is downright tired of complaining Mothers. Since 1973, women have had the legal right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, I am speaking to any Mother who became one in this time frame. Odds are, if you’re in your late 20’s to late 30’s and have children, I am talking about you.

STOP COMPLAINING. I hear more complaints about children and the activities of said children and the money spent on said activities and the time-suck all said things take out of parents, and frankly, I am sick of it. You chose this. YOU wanted to be a Mother. You chose this lifestyle, because no matter how poetically you put the joy of having a child-it is, in essence, a lifestyle. Lifestyles are not forced engagements. And, in the USA, we CHOOSE our lifestyles. Now, understandably, Motherhood is an incredible life choice that keeps the world going round; but, when did it become so acceptable to complain about these “joyful bundles” once the rubber hits the road?

STOP WITH SOCIAL MEDIA. The internet is written in ink, people. Your children will be able to go back and read that complaining you did about their Science project or book report. Put yourself in their shoes…what is going to affect human nature more-reading that your Mom thought you were a beam of blissful light when you were born, or the meme she posted about needing to get drunk because “kids are hard”? I know not all Mother’s take to social media to complain, but NONE should. None. You chose this challenge and you did not have to; making children is NOT a life requirement. So, when a woman complains about work and having to pay the bills, I get it. But, a Mother bitching about having to wake up early to take kids to school is just downright insulting. It is insulting the child they made and the life of Motherhood they chose, and frankly insults the beauty of complaining.

Imagine a vegan complaining about wanting to eat meat. That is how I feel when my Mother friends and family complain about washing extra clothes or planning kids’ birthday parties. Hey, gals, you did not have to do this. You wanted it. You got it. You loved it until they were two years old. You still love it. But, you’re complaining is unacceptable and at the end of the day, just plain ridiculous, because this was your choice. Live with it. Love it. Own it. Shut up about the hard stuff. Everyone is dealing with hard stuff, it is not our fault you chose to add more humans to yours. And, remember, those joyful bundles will be reading your complaints about them one day and ruin some really important “memory-making” you were doing with them.